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Body Sculpt

Base Strength

The original Body Sculpt Workout is now "Base Strength" designed to work from a beginning level and progress gradually week by week toward a foundation of strength for running. (But it's great even if you don't run!) This is your recommended starting point (give it 2-3 weeks) before beginning a running training program.

It is important to build a sound structural system (your joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles) prior to running to reduce chance of injury. Many new runners make the mistake of ramping up the running metabolically (increased duration and/or intensity) without first building a strong structure. This commonly leads to injury. So join us for an eight session program of runner specific strength, then begin your running training program part way through Base Strength. You will know when you are ready. 

We begin each session with a 10-15 minute dynamic warm-up with upbeat music to thoroughly prepare you for your workout. This includes range of motion movements, easing into light cardio, progressing to simple calisthenics, building to sets of intervals, and peaking with beginner plyometrics. Now you should feel exhilarated, motivated and properly prepared to begin. And this is just the warm-up.

Then begin the strength portion of the workout which includes combinations of exercises in special sequence. Suzanne shares the secrets and tactics of strengthening the hip and core region, building lower body strength, including power and agility movements, and eccentric strength to support the demands of running. Yes, there is a tactic for this.

Winter 2017 combines Base Strength with a Cardio Loop immediately following at 9:15am. This cardio loop can be a brisk walk, and easy run, or even an ElliptiGo ride. Loop maps provided.  Each workout in the series will gradually build and each Cardio Loop will progress as well. Complete your workout with foam rolling, then a stretch session to relax and improve flexibility.

Suzanne, as a certified strength and conditioning specialist, has extensive knowledge and expertise in strength training and it shows in the structure and results you achieve in this program. It is hard to perform this type of unique workout on your own but this will be your jump-start motivation to learn your own home-routine. 

Winter/Spring 2017
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