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Dynamic BASE Training 

This is a training program specially designed by Coach Cordes to maintain a runner's strength and reduce chance of injury while training in longer runs, faster workouts, and races. It is also perfect for the beginning runner in developing strength first before longer and/or faster runs.  It is step one in the build up phase for new runners and is the perfect supplement to a current training program. All abilities welcome.

Begin your running training by building a solid biomechanical foundation. When we think of base building many think of just increasing aerobic endurance. But we also need to build strength, power, agility, quick feet to be resilient in our distance running, especially when it comes time to pick up the pace, introduce hills or increase the duration of our runs. This program improves the quality of your movement. 

Learn and gradually build up each week with neuromuscular training, specific to running, to aid in injury reduction. Improve running form and mechanics, stride length and frequency, work on ankle, foot and leg strength, quickness and agility. Improve strength, flexibility and balance through the hips. This is a low mileage, high technical training program designed to be the BASE for success. After completing BASE training then progress to Suzanne's Track or Trail programs to improve speed.

Spring 2023
Thursdays 5:30pm
Dates TBA

Training fees based on the number of participants/group size.
Group size limited for high personal attention.

Call or e-mail for more information.
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