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Frequently Asked Questions
about In-Training

How Do I Register for personal training or group training programs?
First, call or e-mail to receive forms. This includes a health history form, informed consent and waiver, and questionnaire.

Next, fill out forms and e-mail to Suzanne or mail to address below. The earlier these forms are returned the better in case a second form, a medical consultation form, is required from your Physician. (American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines)

Current clients who have filled out a health history form within the past year will not need to fill it out again. When enrolling in a different program, one that you have not attended before, the only forms needed will be a signed informed consent and questionnaire specific to the new program.

Once forms are received and reviewed you will receive e-mail notification of admittance into your desired training program.

How do I submit payment for services or programs?
Payment by check is preferred, mailed to P.O. Box 685, Alamo, CA 94507, received on or before the pre-registration date. Credit card payment is also available via . Please note, payment via PayPal is for regular registration rate only. Pre-registration rate is by check or cash only, unless otherwise specified.

If you enjoy a program and want to see it hosted please pre-register. 
Waiting to submit payment until after the pre-registration date risks that the program may be canceled due to lack of pre-commitment.

Are there refunds if I cannot attend after registration?
Once the program is confirmed to all participants via e-mail, on or right after the pre-registration date, there are no refunds. The pre-registration date is when a “head count” is taken for the number of participants showing commitment via pre-payment. There is a minimum number of committed participants required for each program in order to host it. 

On the pre-registration date if the pre-registrations do not meet the minimum enrollment of participants, your registration fee will be refunded in full and the program will be canceled.

Are there make-ups for occasional missed sessions?
Yes. If you miss a session in your program you may attend one of the other programs offered (space permitting and fitness level appropriate) during the same “season” (winter, spring, summer, fall). All makes-ups must be used by the last day of your program. Please send e-mail request in advance to attend another program. 

What is the difference between “programs” and “classes” at In-Training?
In-Training offers programs. Programs have a start and end date. (6 weeks, 12 weeks, a period of time). Within the start/end dates the physical level gradually increases week by week building fitness level to a peak by the end date. We call this periodization (building up within a period of time). Based on the outcome each week, the following week’s workout is then built and designed specific to how the participants are performing and feeling. Longer programs (12+
weeks long) have easy recovery weeks incorporated every few weeks.

Classes (not offered at In-Training) are typically ongoing with no ending date. The physical level tends to remain consistent. There is no peaking of fitness by an end date. When you first attend a "class" it may be physically challenging, not to your level, but as you become accustomed to the routine your muscles adapt and fitness tapers off unless you attend a higher level class. There is no periodization. 

measures participant fitness levels near the start and end dates of programs in order to chart improvements.

Can I drop in to a session within a program to try it out?
Yes, but maybe no.

If you have not experienced a particular In-Training program and would like to try it out before registering we encourage you to do so! Yes! But we suggest that you attend the first session before the fitness level ramps up. Attending several weeks into a program will most likely cause a fair amount of muscle soreness unless your fitness level matches that of the current participants.

If you are familiar with a particular program and would like to attend on a drop-in basis, and your fitness level is similar to the majority of the current participants, you may attend. The rate is $40. per single session.

If you enjoy a program and want to see it hosted please pre-register. If everyone decided to attend on a drop-in basis the participant head count would be too low on the pre-registration date and the program would not be offered.

What happens if/when I miss a session in my program?

We know it happens on occasion. Things come up. But think about this . . . . . .think about how your absence may affect others in your group. Being a participant in an In-Training program has a similar feeling to being a member of a team. Programs are filled with committed participants giving high energy to the group each session. It’s not just about what you receive when you attend. It’s more about what you give to others when you are present. There is a great amount of camaraderie, enthusiasm and support within the groups. Each person brings their unique energy and high spirit to the workouts. When a participant misses a session the rest of the group feels a void of their energy. This affects the entire group. If you are the one missing then you don’t notice - since you aren’t there! The group dynamics depends on your energy. Next time you think you might miss, give a quick thought about how your absence may affect the energy of your group. Do your very best to commit to the group. What you receive will far outweigh what you give.

If by chance you do miss a session it is important that you complete a similar session on your own, on the same day if possible, to keep up with the weekly build of the program. Missing and not completing your workout may cause you to fall behind the fitness level of the group in the next week. This could potentially hold the group back in the progression or could make it far more difficult for you to complete the higher level workout.

Is it okay to solicit my business, my personal blog or _________to In-Training clients?No. It is considered to be an ulterior motive to enrolling. We understand that people love networking, social media, collecting personal information and spreading the word of their personal interests. But participants attend In-Training programs with fitness goals in place, objectives set for training to a higher level, aiming training toward future fitness events, and soliciting personal business does not fit in. Soliciting to participants before, during or after a session is a distraction to the Coach and to the group’s energy, focus and objectives, and is not acceptable. Please enroll to become healthier and more fit, achieve your goals, and bring spirit and enthusiasm to all enrolled. 

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