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Body Conditioning

This program is designed to begin from an introductory level and progress gradually over five to ten sessions toward an improved foundation of strength, improved posture and alignment, and a more keen body awareness. Begin with a postural assessment to determine your specific areas of need and a goals questionnaire to hone in on a personalized program designed just for you. Improvement in running performance is a specialty of Suzanne's. These sessions are a recommended starting point (give it about 3 weeks) before beginning a running training program.

Runners: It is important to build a sound structural system (your joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles) prior to running to reduce chance of injury. Many new runners make the mistake of ramping up the running metabolically (increased duration and/or intensity) without first building a strong structure. This commonly leads to injury. So join us for small group or private training of runner specific strength, then begin your running training program. 

We begin each session with a dynamic warm-up to thoroughly prepare you for your workout. This includes range of motion, light cardio on the jump board or cardio-tramp, progressing to your specific areas of need, including a balanced full-body workout. You will feel rejuvenated, stronger, taller and more confident in your movements and enhanced postural awareness.

Suzanne is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and corrective exercise specialist and is Stott trained in Pilates mat, reformer and stability chair. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in strength and posture training and it shows in the structure and results you achieve from your sessions. 

Summer 2021
Pilates Reformer
1-4 People
by appointment only
Location: Alamo

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