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Hike Workout

Suzanne's Hike Workout takes you into the wilderness for a complete strength and cardiovascular workout outdoors. Enjoy the serene locations and breath-taking views while your muscles are strengthening, your heart is pumping, and you have a smile on your face.

Course format: Begin with an easy walk warm-up for a few minutes before active stretching to prepare for the hike. The first few hikes will be of shorter duration and will gradually increase in length and intensity over the duration of the program. This is a workout program, much more than just a stroll in the park. Results will prove it. Course directions and duration discussed during each warm-up. After the warm-up, depart for your workout journey. Muscular exercises to strengthen knees, hips, abdominals and upper body will be performed along the trails throughout the hike. End with an easy cool down walk followed by a few yoga poses for improved flexibility, and finally a few relaxed minutes of quiet time to focus on breathing, clearing the mind, and listening to the wildlife. Ahhh . . 

This is an all around exhilarating, mood-boosting program. Share this one with a friend.

Summer/Fall 2023
Mondays and Thursdays
Dates TBA
Locations vary:
Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda

10 Session Package Available

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