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Power Walking

Are you ready to expend more calories, strengthen more muscles, increase your metabolism and improve your overall fitness level? In the same amount of time that you are already walking? If you are currently walking for fitness it is easy to add some technique and turn regular walking into Power Walking and see greater results. And if you are not currently walking this can be the motivation in getting started. This course is for ALL levels.

In this group training course you will learn the techniques and tactics of turning regular walking into a more exhilarating, muscle building activity so that in the same amount of time spent you can expend more calories and increase your fitness level. Learn about footwear, posture, foot-plant and roll through, cadence, arm swing and how to gradually build up. Simple strength exercises also included.

This course is an activity course as well as an education. It is a "program" of progressive learning week by week. Each meeting will begin with an educational tip and demonstration/technique to learn and then apply within a walking route. Locations will vary and distances will gradually increase. Meet at different parks beginning with flat terrain and soft gravel surface progressing to rolling (paved) hills and eventually to hill repeats. Meetings run 75-85 minutes each.

This course is co-taught by Coach Cordes and National Champion GOLD medalist Rick Cordes. Rick will demonstrate proper form and how his consistent walking routine, with Power Walk technique, lead him to the gold medal at the National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 2019. Rick's humor is sure to keep you laughing while you are Power Walking.

Summer 2019
Mondays 6:00pm
July 29 to September 30
$299. pre-registered by July 22
$349. thereafter

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