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Track Interval Training

Suzanne's Interval Training is a program designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, aerobic capacity, running speed, muscular strength and endurance, and even a bit of coordination. Suzanne's Interval Training programs have been the leading performance training programs for locals for years. Her course is designed for all abilities to improve fitness and performance, boost metabolism, improve muscle tone and build confidence. All which add up to measurable improvements.

Begin each workout with a thorough warm-up routine to fully prepare for the workout ahead.  Next is a guided and structured workout which includes measured increments (intervals) of either minutes or meters around the track followed by easy recovery between.  The duration of each interval varies and progresses week by week. Volume is individualized based on personal goals and ability. As a physiologist, Suzanne will prescribe specific paces or intensities for each participant to fit your ability level, honing in on meeting your personal goals. Whether you are a power walker, new to running, or a seasoned athlete working to improve performance, your intervals will be adjusted and paced to fit you and your current ability. This may include running intervals for speed or walk/run intervals for health and fitness. Finish each workout with an easy cool down walk or jog for recovery followed by stretches for improved flexibility. 

Regardless of your current fitness level, your health status, your weight, whether you are a runner, a walker, or are completely out of shape, including some type of interval (short burst) training in your week every week can provide tremendous health and fitness benefits and can far exceed easy, long, slow endurance exercise especially on machines. Come out and join the group and get in the shape of your life. Now is the time!

Winter/Spring 2024
Tuesdays 3:00 p.m.
Dates TBD

Fee: TBD
via BofA: Zelle

Option: Select the dates that you can attend. 
Training fees based on the number of sessions you select 
and the group size. Group size limited for high personal attention.

email for more details

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