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Trail Training

This has been one of Suzanne's specialty programs for decades. It is very popular every year. This unique course will help you improve aerobic capacity, muscular strength, stamina and mental toughness, all while having fun and being in the wilderness with nature.  This trail training course is not only great for enhanced physical performance but also boosts metabolism and caloric expenditure, aids in weight loss and improves overall health. And your bones and joints will love the forgiving surface of the earth.

Meet at selective trails each week. Locations vary with a variety of beautiful open space parks from Walnut Creek to Alamo, Danville and San Ramon. Warm-up with an easy jog for a few minutes from the parking area to our workout site. Re-group and loosen up with active stretches to prepare for the workout. Participants stay together within a small measured course so no worries about fitness level or ability. Specific sections are performed at a brisk pace followed by easy recovery between. Inclines are mostly "slight" to maintain quick foot turnover and brisk pace. Each week builds to gradually steeper inclines, a little bit brisker pace, and slightly longer repetitions. Each workout ends with an easy cool down walk or jog.  Finish up with a yoga inspired stretch session as the sun goes down.

Suzanne offers only the best in-training. Don't miss this one. It is only offered in the Summer season each year.

Summer 2021
Thursdays 4:00 p.m.
Dates TBA

Call or e-mail for more information.

Course details, forms and location/directions will be e-mailed
to all registered participants in the week prior to workout one.  

Go to How to Enroll in Suzanne's In-Training Courses for more registration information 

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