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Welcome to In Training! 

This is a very different approach to training! When clients engage with In Training, they quickly realize that they have never had this high level of attention, commitment, dedication and experience - you will be amazed by the knowledge, education, and insight that comes with being a client of In Training. What you are really gaining is a health educator, a motivation and sport psychology coach, personal fitness trainer, physiologist, and biomechanics/movement specialist, all in one. With 40 years of success stories, In Training clients continue to enjoy better health, a more active lifestyle, inspiration for new activities, and happier lives! The methods, programs and training help health and fitness enthusiasts excel and improve, and athletes achieve their highest goals.


Since the early 1980's In Training has been the premier professional health and fitness consulting and training business from the Lamorinda area to the San Ramon Tri-Valley. All abilities, beginner on up, have gained specific cutting edge training methods and tools to achieve personal goals. So begin your training journey here. You will be inspired by what your body is capable of with a specialized program developed by In Training.

Here are some of the services available: beginning with a complimentary phone discussion

  • Gain Psychology Techniques for Improved Performance and Motivation
  • Gain Accountability for your training with Suzanne's online system.
  • Train with Suzanne via her Trainingpeaks online calendar for cardiovascular training
  • Individualized, supervised Strength Training and Mobility. 30 or 60 minutes
  • Benefit from Specialized Assessments and Programs for the Active Agers (50+)
  • Biomechanical Gait Analysis, Walking/Running Dynamics, Shoe Recommendations
  • Fitness Evaluation and Postural Assessments
  • Learn the tactics of Psychology Of Hunger for achieving optimal weight 
  • CompuTrainer Watt-Based Cycle Training  
  • Body Composition Analysis, Resting Metabolic Rate, BMI, Hip/Waist Ratio, and Measurements
  • Supervised Circuit Training, Group Strength/Power/Core Training and Personal Training

    What do you want to achieve?

    What services are you interested in?

Step 1: Schedule your complimentary initial session today! 
Step 2: Assess your starting point with specific tests and measurements through a fitness evaluation to insure results.
Step 3: Personalized sessions are developed and scheduled. Then your training begins. 

Other options besides private training:

A) Small group training. We offer short term "challenges" that are highly focused with short term commitment. And "courses" or programs of 6 to 12 weeks meeting once per week. Courses are more skill based, slower progressions, educational. Packages available for power walking, indoor cycle interval training, hike workout, track or trail running speed workouts, and strength training for all abilities. 

B) Online training. Stay accountable to your coach. Be provided with personal exercise details on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Have the flexibility to work out on your personal schedule. And improvements are graphed after each workout. 

Select what works best for YOU and see results starting now!

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